RestTemplate and Proxy Authentication explained

Some time ago I’ve faced with requirements regarding retrieving data using REST behind proxy. There were some code samples available but I was really worried about thread safety and leaking resources. In this post I would like to dig into this topic using RestTemplate from Spring Framework

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PrimeFaces DataTable and server side pagination, filtering and sorting

Recently I’ve tried PrimeFaces 4x DataTable once again (after year or so working with Apache Wicket). One thing — I like it. It is now possible to implement scallable server side pagination, filtering and sorting logic without too much hacks

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Unit testing and integration testing using JUnit, Liquibase, HSQLDB, Hibernate, Maven and Spring Framework

In this article I’d like to show you how to create integration tests using JUnit, Liquibase, HSQLDB , Hibernate, Maven and Spring Framework. We will create maven project, liquibase schema/data deployment to the in-memory database and run integration tests against this database using Spring ORM / Hibernate

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