Oracle logging table changes

In this post I’ll put a small example of how to create stored procedure for Oracle and log changes in database table

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Oracle – Dynamic Queries and Reporting

There are various tools to provide enterprise-level reports. But what to do if you need yo create reports for yourself? In this article I’m going to describe how to manage simple reports using Oracle 10g.

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Oracle stats (Part 3)

Finally let’s find out how to gather per table statistics.

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Oracle stats (Part 2)

This time we will monitor tablespace stats. I’d like to create one stats table per tablespace and use the same technique as in Part 1

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Oracle stats (Part 1)

Our customer runs Oracle database and my chief has given me a task to do for today.

I need to prepare prognosis of how much oracle database will grow in next 3 years. After short googling I’ve found interesting sripts [1]:

 select sum(bytes)/1024/1024 "Meg" from dba_data_files;
 select nvl(sum(bytes),0)/1024/1024 "Meg" from dba_temp_files;
 select sum(bytes)/1024/1024 "Meg" from sys.v_$log;
 select sum(BLOCK_SIZE*FILE_SIZE_BLKS/1024/1024) "MEG" from v$controlfile;

The main idea is to create oracle DBMS job which will fire each hour for let’s say 7 days (yeah, we’ve got only 7 days :() and outputs statistics about database size into some database table.

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