PrimeFaces DataTable and server side pagination, filtering and sorting

Recently I’ve tried PrimeFaces 4x DataTable once again (after year or so working with Apache Wicket). One thing — I like it. It is now possible to implement scallable server side pagination, filtering and sorting logic without too much hacks

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Setting up Eclipse Kepler for JavaEE development

Fresh version of Eclipse codename Kepler ships without any plugins / addons installed. In this post we will learn how to prepare Kepler for JavaEE development using Tomcat, DTP, Maven and Subversive

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Unit testing and integration testing using JUnit, Liquibase, HSQLDB, Hibernate, Maven and Spring Framework

In this article I’d like to show you how to create integration tests using JUnit, Liquibase, HSQLDB , Hibernate, Maven and Spring Framework. We will create maven project, liquibase schema/data deployment to the in-memory database and run integration tests against this database using Spring ORM / Hibernate

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JBoss AS and JDBC DataSource tutorial

In this post I’d like to share my own expericence of creating of out-of-the-box database solution using JBoss AS, JPA and EJB 3.1

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JBoss AS and ActiveMQ

I’ve created 22+ minutes screencast about JBoss AS and ActiveMQ integration

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JBoss AS and EJB – Quick Start video tutorials

Currently I’m turning on the road of Java. There is a really huge stack of technologies. It is too early for me to provide comparison between WCF and JAX-WS, IIS and JBoss AS (for example). But I’d like to share some basic video tutorials

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Factory method pattern – interesting appliance

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HashMap complex keys

Everybody use associative arrays. They provide mapping between key and value. In this article I’ll talk about using complex keys in java.util.HashMap<K,V> Read the rest of this entry »

Sqlite in Java. Performance.

I’ve prepared comparison and gathered some statistical information about sqlite performance in Java. Performance overhead in auto-commit enabled mode is huge.

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