In my free time I do like to work on open source projects. Here is my current list:

OnAgile – Open-source Agile Project Management tool. Silverlight based client, WCF service layer, NHibernate + PostgreSQL DAL.

wmediacatalog – .NET base advanced cataloguer

jHolidaysJava based open-source library for managing events and holidays. Here is the post about it.

jXmpp-botJava based open-source XMPP. I do it for managing jabber conferences where I like to participate. There are many posts in blog about this utility.

sharpxbot – .NET implementation of XMPP bot utility with various features

sharpflac.NET implementation of FLAC metadata parser (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

Archive ImageConverter.NET 4 / WPF 4 based image converter which allow to convert archived images without decompressing them

Projects which I’ve finished but have not yet published:

psqldotnet – fully managed .NET based wrapper over console psql utility (PostgreSQL management)

TrackType.NET – open source library for .NET platform which allows to communicate with  TrackType service

Media Art – .NET / WPF based catalog for storing media information

WMetaFlac – open source library which wrapps metaflac utility and allows editing/browsing vorbis comments. GUI included

RPLauncher.NET – remote process launcher. Client/server architecture

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