JBoss AS and EJB – Quick Start video tutorials

Currently I’m turning on the road of Java. There is a really huge stack of technologies. It is too early for me to provide comparison between WCF and JAX-WS, IIS and JBoss AS (for example). But I’d like to share some basic video tutorials

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WCF 4 and Autofac IoC inside Windows Server AppFabric

I’ve  needed to use autofac recently inside WCF 4 services. Services are hosted using Windows Server AppFabric. This post is about it

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PostgreSQL XPath tutorial

In this post I’d like to show some practical examples of XML processing in PostgreSQL using XPath

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NHibernate logging and removing NLog direct reference

In my previous post I’ve provided draft implementation of bridge between NHibernate and NLog. Bridge assembly was “hard” referenced against both NHibernate and NLog assemblies. In this post I’ll provide more advanced bridge implementation which won’t be referenced against NLog assembly at all

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NHibernate and NLog

NHibernate 3 introduces new ILoggerFactory interface which allows it to integrate with NLog (and possibly any other logging framework). This is though a bit tricky. In this article I will provide fully working integration between NHibernate 3x and NLog

Update: More advanced version is available here

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.NET WPF Folder Picker / Folder Browser

It has been so many times when I’ve needed managed Folder Picker dialog that I’ve decided to write my own.

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.NET FLAC library

Today I’ve released second version of sharpflac. This project is aimed to be .NET implementation of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Fast implementation I should mention.

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