JBoss AS and EJB – Quick Start video tutorials

Currently I’m turning on the road of Java. There is a really huge stack of technologies. It is too early for me to provide comparison between WCF and JAX-WS, IIS and JBoss AS (for example). But I’d like to share some basic video tutorials

1. JBoss AS, EJB and Test Console Client

Screencast shows basics of JBoss AS, EJB and JBoss Developer Studio:

  • How to create simple EJB using annotations
  • How to deploy EJB to JBoss AS
  • How to create test client to access EJB on server

2. JBoss AS, EJB 3.1 and Schedule annotation

Screencast shows examle of usage of @Schedule annotation using JBoss AS and JBoss Developer Studio

3. JBoss AS and Quartz Job example

In this screencast example of Quartz Job inside JBoss AS is shown

These are my first real screencasts so take them easy :) Additionally I’m going to create several video tutorials about:

  • Java Web Services (wsdl, simple console client and accessing web services from EJB)
  • JBoss AS + ActiveMQ integration [done]
  • JMS + ActiveMQ + MBeans tutorial

Keep updated.

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