Some random thoughts

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about jxmpp-bot project.

This is because I’ve started jHolidays project. There I’ve implemented several features which will be used in jxmpp-bot project itself:

Also jHolidays library will be actively used for holidays plugin for jxmpp-bot. See this issue.

Now let’s talk about plans for November-December. There are several features to be implemented / researched:

  1. User visits service (managing chat room visits)
  2. Chat room messages service (managing chat room messages)
  3. Nick names service (managing nick names of visitors of char room)
  4. Facade ( integration of MUC services)
  5. XMPP connectivity issues
  6. SQLite multithreading issues

According to this plan bot will be able to connect to xmpp server, join group chat and perform some very very basic functions.





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