Factory method pattern – interesting appliance

Today I’m going to talk about factory method pattern and it’s very interesting appliance. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft SQL Server – Complex Cleanup

Today my team manager asked me to create small interesting sql script. This script recieves time interval on input, splits given time interval into smaller parts (let’s say 24 hours per interval), counts total number of records for each interval, outputs this information and deletes records. Script mustn’t delete top”fresh” records though. E.g. manager would like to specify offset parameter, so records from interval [today-offset;today] mustn’t be deleted. Read the rest of this entry »

Repository pattern

In this post I’d like to talk about composition and inheritance on practical example.
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HashMap complex keys

Everybody use associative arrays. They provide mapping between key and value. In this article I’ll talk about using complex keys in java.util.HashMap<K,V> Read the rest of this entry »