Sqlite in Java. Performance.

Average (table)

You can see that 1000 records block is inserted into database (auto-commit mode is disabled) in 625-1032 ms (or 711 ms average). This way one record insertion takes 0.63-1.03 ms ( or 0.71 ms average).

The same amount of data but in auto-commit enabled mode requires 607797-632985 ms for the whole block. One record requires for about 614 ms to be inserted.

According to our stats table if auto-commit mode is disabled insertion is at least 200-250 times faster then in auto-commit enabled mode.

Finally let’s see average insertion time of one record ( in 25, 100 and 1000 records blocks correspondingly):

AverageBarSo when it’s possible I’ll recommend to use in-memory cache and perform actual insertion into sqlite database using big blocks of records in auto-commit mode disabled.

One Response to “Sqlite in Java. Performance.”

  1. hibernated Says:

    there are many java libraries for SQLite, so would you please tell us which one used for this test?

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